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Tea Postcard - It's a boy! - T-mail
  • Tea Postcard - It's a boy! - T-mail
  • Tea Postcard - It's a boy! - T-mail
  • Tea Postcard - It's a boy! - T-mail
  • Tea Postcard - It's a boy! - T-mail
  • Tea Postcard - It's a boy! - T-mail

Tea Postcard - It's a boy!

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It's a boy! Hurray, a baby boy is born!! Such a special event deserves a special card! And this card comes with a surprise... 

This lovely card is filled with our Nursing tea.  A herbal tabled that can be used by moms who are breastfeeding as the tea supports the production of breastmilk.

A soothing tea that helps to relax.

Ingredients: Fennel, anise, caraway

Recommended amount a day: 1 cup. Do not use in case of umbelliferous or mugwort pollen allergy.

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The tea postcard is a sealed envelope and contains about 8 grams of tea, enough for 4 cups or 1 pot. There is also an empty tea bag in the tea postcard, so that tea can be made immediately upon receipt!

The tea postcard can be closed airtight after opening. This keeps the tea fresh for longer.

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Data sheet

Gluten free
Fennel, anise, caraway
Indication brewing time
3 - 5 minutes
Temperature water
90 ºC - 100 ºC (194 °F - 212 °F)
Organically grown?
Color infusion
Light yellow
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