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Butterfly Pea Blossom

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Butterfly pea blossom is the flower of the butterfly pea plant. It is also called butterfly tea, blue tea, or blue chai.The botanical name is Clitoria ternatea.

The butterfly pea blossom is very suitable for making tea. The result will be very special. The blossom colors the water beautifully blue. If you then add a little lemon juice or lime juice, the color changes to a beautiful magenta.

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How does Butterfly Pea Flower taste?

Flavor range of the Butterfly Pea Flower. The taste is vegetable and floral.

The taste of the tea is slightly spicy and somewhat reminiscent of spinach or nettle. It is a good basis for making blends.

Adding a lemon or lime not only gives the tea a beautiful color but also makes the taste nice and fresh. Or a nice syrup can also give a delicious result.

How strong is Butterfly Pea Tea?​

Butterfly Pea Tea is naturally not too strong, even if you let the flowers steep for a very long time. This makes this tea extremely suitable for brewing in combination with other teas and herbs.

Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly Pea Flower or Blue Tea has become very popular in our tea shop in recent years. It's a nice alternative for people who don't want to drink caffeine.

In addition, Butterfly Pea gives off a spectacular color when you pour hot water over the flowers. Add a little lemon juice and the color of the water goes all the way!

Besides the fact that Butterfly Pea Flower is a joy to look at, the flower also contains some health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions about Butterfly Pea Tea​

Do you have a question about using Butterfly Pea flower (Blue Tea)? Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

To make Butterfly Pea Tea you first need boiling water.

You need 5 blossoms for a cup of tea. You need 20 blossoms for a pot of tea. Then let it steep for about 10 minutes.

Note: the longer you let the tea steep, the darker the color will be. So if you're going for the bright blue effect, let the tea steep for a little longer.

Butterfly Pea Tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold. Also delicious with a little ginger or mint!

Butterfly Pea Flower is known by many different names. In the Netherlands, the flower is also called Kittelbloem, Vlindererwt or Blue Tea.

Its Latin name is Clitoria Ternatea. The plant only grows in the tropics and mainly along the side of the road. The plant probably originates from the tropical parts of Central and South America.

Our Butterfly Pea comes from China and is organically counted. The dried flowers are between 2 and 4 centimeters long and attached to a short green stem.

There are indications that the use of Butterfly Pea Tea could have a positive effect on health.

The antioxidants contained in the clams fight against the free radicals in our body. Free radicals are aggressive substances that can cause damage to cells and tissues in unfavorable cases.

Regular use of Butterfly Pea Tea can improve skin and hair health. It is therefore often used as an ingredient in skin and hair products.

It is also said to have a regulating effect on blood sugar levels and can support weight loss because the formation of fat cells is slowed down.

Kids love this tea too! The magical character of the tea appeals to them enormously. A real magic tea!!!

Since the tea does not contain caffeine, children can also enjoy it. As indicated, you can make a nice fresh (ice) tea by adding lemon or lime.

Is the taste a bit too sour? Then add a drop of honey.

Although there are no known side effects of blue tea, it is recommended to drink only 2 - 3 cups of this tea per day.

Butterfly Pea has a diuretic effect just like coffee and tea (diuretic effect). Too many cups can lead to dehydration.

Once you open our packaging and don't close it again, Butterfly Pea should be consumed within 3-4 months.

If you store the white peas in a can or in our sealable packaging, they can be used for about another year. After that you can still consume the flower, but the taste and color intensity will be less.

There are no known health risks in the medical world when using Kittelbloem during pregnancy.

It is recommended not to drink more than 3 cups a day because of the diuretic effect of this tea.

Do you have more questions about Butterfly Pea Flower?​

If your question about Butterfly Pea has not been answered above? Send an e-mail with your question to info@hetkleinstehuis.nl.

We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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Enjoy the colors of Butterfly Pea​

Curious about what Butterfly Pea Tea or Blue Tea looks like? View some atmospheric images of this special tea below.

Category Herbal Infusions Brand Het Kleinste Huis In stock 20 Items SKU 734-25
Gluten Gluten free
Lactose Lactose-free
Nuts Nut-free
Country of origin China
Ingredients Butterfly Pea Blossom
Amount of tea per cup
Indication brewing time 3 - 5 minutes
Temperature water 90 ºC - 100 ºC (194 °F - 212 °F)
Organically grown? No
Color infusion blue
Caffeine? No
Time of day Throughout the day
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