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Green Ginkgo - Green Tea
  • Green Ginkgo - Green Tea
  • Green Ginkgo - Green Tea

Green Ginkgo

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A beautiful blend of green tea and ginkgo. The combination of vanilla and citrus fruit creates a true taste experience.


The Japanese Sencha is the basis for this green tea. This tea is normally picked in the spring and then steamed. This gives it its characteristic grassy taste.

The Green Ginkgo is then supplemented with rose buds, lemongrass and Gingko. The Ginkgo plant is descended from the Ginkgoacea family, an almost extinct plant family almost 250 million years old. You can speak of a living fossil. Only the Japanese Nut Tree remains.

In homeopathy, this plant attributes many medicinal values.

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Data sheet

Country of origin
Green tea, yellow rose buds, aroma, ginko (5%), lemongrass and cornflower blossom.
Amount of tea per cup
1 - 2 tea spoons
Indication brewing time
2 - 3 minutes
Temperature water
80 ºC - 90 ºC (176 °F - 194 °F)
Organically grown?
Fresh green tea with vanilla and citrus flavor
Color infusion
Light yellow
Time of day
Throughout the day

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