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Marrakesh Mint - Green Tea
  • Marrakesh Mint - Green Tea
  • Marrakesh Mint - Green Tea

Marrakesh Mint

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A classic combination of green tea and spearmint. A delicious drink, both in hot and cold weather. For an extra twist, add a little honey.


The Marrakesh mint is based on a Chinese gunpowder tea supplemented with nana mint. Gunpowder tea has a slightly smoky taste.

This tea is very popular in the North African countries, such as Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Lebanon, and is called Touareg tea here.

The tea is drunk from small glasses. Traditionally, 1 teaspoon of sugar is added to every 100 milliliters of tea. So 1 liter (34 fl oz) of mint tea contains 10 scoops of sugar. Deliciously sweet...!

Marrakesh Mint 100
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Data sheet

Country of origin
Green tea, Spearmint, Aroma
Amount of tea per cup
1 - 2 tea spoons
Indication brewing time
2 - 3 minutes
Temperature water
80 ºC - 90 ºC (176 °F - 194 °F)
Organically grown?
Fresh slightly minty taste
Color infusion
Time of day
Throughout the day

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