Detox with tea, will you join us?

Detoxing with tea: a natural cleansing. Discover the purifying power of tea with the tea and herbal blends from tea shop Het Kleinste Huis.

Have you planned a 'dry January' or are you looking for a natural way to purify your body? Tea is the ideal way to get started with this. It is easy to prepare and you can vary endlessly with flavors, because did you know that many teas contain active substances that cleanse your body naturally.

To make it easy for you, we have put together a special Detox Tea Box for you. Order it today and you will receive it within a few days and you can start with your detox tea package right away! The Detox Tea Box also fits perfectly through your letterbox!

Do you want to know more about detoxing and tea? Then read our blog, 'Detoxing with Tea: A Natural Cleansing Journey '.

Various types of loose tea displayed on a white tray next to a clear glass teacup and saucer, blue teapot and two labeled tea packets

The Detox Tea Box from Het Kleinste Huis

If you are looking for a completely natural way to eliminate waste and cleanse your body, then the Detox Tea Box is for you!

Discover the cleansing power of our specially formulated Detox Tea Box, a unique collection of 6 teas, perfect for your detox ritual. This box contains carefully selected teas, each with their unique detox properties and rich flavors.

The Detox Tea Box enables you to support your detox in a varied and tasty way. With the included tea tongs you can easily make your delicious cup of detox tea. In addition, our Detox Tea Box is packaged as a convenient letterbox package, meaning it is delivered to your home easily and without hassle. It fits perfectly through your letterbox!

What's in our Detox Tea Package:​

  1. Forest Fruit Tea: A carefully composed type of tea that is perfect for your detox regime. This tempting blend is a harmonious combination of apple, hibiscus, rosehip, strawberry leaf and elderberry, each with unique properties that contribute to an effective detox.
  2. Kloostertuin Herbal Tea: A fine mix that brings peace and purification. This herbal tea contains ingredients such as mint and lavender, which are known for their relaxing and detoxifying effects.
  3. Herbal Chai Herbal Tea: A spicy and warming tea, including chamomile, apple, cinnamon, cardamon and cloves, which stimulate digestion and purify the body.
  4. Sencha Orange Ginger: A powerful combination of green tea, orange and ginger. This tea stimulates metabolism and promotes natural detoxification.
  5. Pu Erh: A rich, earthy Chinese tea and a masterpiece of natural fermentation. Pu Erh is known for its unique ability to support digestion, boost metabolism and aid in natural weight loss processes. Pu Erh tea is also rich in antioxidants, which help fight free radicals and support overall health.
  6. Lung Ching: Lung Ching, a renowned Chinese green tea, is known for its high concentration of antioxidants, including catechins, which help fight free radicals and support healthy cell regeneration. Lung Ching is also valued for its ability to boost metabolism and detoxify the body naturally.

Each type of tea in the Detox Tea Box is not only delicious in taste, but also effective in supporting the detox process. The ingredients work synergistically to detox and revitalize your body, leaving you feeling energized and renewed.

The Detox Tea Box contains 20 grams of each type of tea. Together you can make more than 60 cups of tea with our detox box!

For a complete range of detox teas that blend purifying properties with delightful flavors, visit Het Kleinste Huis's Detox Tea page. Here you'll discover various options tailored to your detox needs and preferences. These teas are meticulously selected to support body cleansing and enhance overall health and vitality.

You can explore their collection further at Het Kleinste Huis - Detox Tea.

View our selection of loose detox teas here:​

Frequently asked questions about Detox Tea​

What does a detox tea do?

Detox tea aids the body's natural detoxification process by removing accumulated toxins, which can lead to improved digestion and increased energy.

What is the best tea to flush your system?

Green tea, ginger tea, and herbal teas with mint are effective for cleansing due to their natural purifying properties.

Is it OK to drink detox tea every day?

While detox teas are generally safe, moderation is recommended and consulting a health expert is wise for prolonged daily use.

Does detox tea really work?

Many people report positive outcomes like improved digestion and increased energy, but effects can vary.

How long does it take for detox tea to work?

Effects can vary from person to person; some may notice changes within a few days, while it may take longer for others.

Does detox tea clean you out?

Detox tea can aid in the detoxification process, but it's important to combine it with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Will detox tea help me lose weight?

Detox tea can play a supportive role in weight loss by boosting metabolism and improving digestion.

What is a good detox tea to lose belly fat?

Teas that stimulate metabolism, such as green tea or herbal teas with active ingredients like ginger, can contribute to losing belly fat.

How do you know if detox is working? 

Indicators such as increased energy levels, better digestion, and clearer skin can signal a successful detox process.

What not to do after a detox?

It's advisable to avoid heavy meals and unhealthy habits post-detox, focusing instead on nutritious, light meals and healthy lifestyle choices.

Why buy Detox tea at Theewinkel Het Kleinste Huis?

At Theewinkel Het Kleinste Huis we understand the value of natural health and well-being. Our detox teas are carefully formulated with the finest ingredients, each with unique cleansing properties. By purchasing from us, you choose quality and a rich, tasty experience. Our teas are not only delicious, but also aimed at promoting your health. They provide a natural way to purify and revitalize the body. Choose The Smallest House and experience the pure power of detox in every cup of tea.

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