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Discover our Tea Varieties with Your VVV Gift Card at Het Kleinste Huis

Do you have a VVV gift card in hand and are wondering where to spend it best? At Tea shop Het Kleinste Huis, we invite you to exchange your VVV Gift Card for an unforgettable tea experience. Discover the rich flavors and refined aromas of our extensive tea collection. Take the opportunity to pamper your taste buds and deepen your knowledge of tea.

Key Takeaway Table:

Gift Card RedemptionRedemption of VVV Gift Card possible, both online and in our store
Unique OffersMore than 200 types of loose tea, tea tastings, and workshops
ContactVisit us at Oude Hoogstraat 22, Amsterdam or call 020 752 75 85

How to Redeem Your VVV Gift Card at Tea Shop Het Kleinste Huis

Redeeming your VVV gift card at Tea Shop Het Kleinste Huis is a breeze, whether you visit our cozy store in the heart of Amsterdam or explore our inviting webshop, the possibilities are endless.

Spending Your VVV Gift Card Online:

Spending your VVV gift card online at Het Kleinste Huis is a simple and smooth process. We ensure a secure and reliable payment environment thanks to our payment partner Mollie. Follow these steps to spend your VVV gift card online:

  1. Visit our tea catalog or our tea tastings and explore our extensive selection of high-quality teas and tastings.
  2. Add your desired teas or tastings to your shopping cart.
  3. Proceed to checkout and select the option to use your VVV gift card for payment.
  4. You will be redirected to Mollie's secure payment environment, where you can enter the details of your VVV gift card.
  5. After successfully completing the payment transaction via Mollie, you will receive a confirmation of your order, and your tea will be carefully packaged and sent to you as soon as possible.

Please note: You can pay with your VVV Gift Card or Online gift code up to a maximum of €50 in gift card credit. If the credit on the card is less than the total purchase amount or exceeds the legal limit of €50, you can easily cover the remaining amount with iDeal.

The use of Mollie for the payment transaction ensures that your payment details are safe and that the transaction goes smoothly, so you can quickly enjoy your new tea purchases from Het Kleinste Huis.

Redeeming Your VVV Gift Card In-Store:

Tea shop Het Kleinste Huis also offers the option to use your VVV gift card in our store.

You are warmly welcome in our cozy tea shop at Oude Hoogstraat 22 in Amsterdam, where we will help you find the perfect tea or tea accessories. Then, complete your purchase using your VVV gift card.

Discover the Variety of Teas

With your VVV gift card, a world of tea unfolds at Het Kleinste Huis. Our extensive collection offers a wide range of flavors and aromas, ranging from traditional to exotic blends.

Our Tea Collection:

  • Our collection ranges from Matcha, a traditional Japanese green tea, to Earl Grey, a timeless classic with a hint of bergamot. Discover the stories behind each tea as you enjoy the complex flavors.

Tea tastings:

  • Enrich your knowledge of tea by booking a tea tasting. Under the guidance of our expert tea sommeliers, discover new favorites and learn to recognize the subtle nuances of different tea varieties.

Tea-related Gift Sets and Accessories

With your VVV gift card, you can also discover our beautiful collection of accessories and gift sets. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a tea lover or want to enrich your own tea experience, we have something for everyone.

Tea Gift Sets:

  • Our tea gift sets are carefully curated to provide a complete tea experience. Each set is designed to introduce the recipient to the refined world of tea.

Tea Accessories:

In Summary

Your VVV gift card opens the door to a world of taste and tradition at Theewinkel Het Kleinste Huis. By redeeming your gift card today, you embark on a tea adventure that tantalizes your senses and broadens your knowledge about tea. Whether you shop online or visit our charming store in Amsterdam, we look forward to welcoming you to our tea community. Discover, taste, and enjoy the refined world of tea at Het Kleinste Huis.