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What once started as a tea shop with a collection of 60 types of tea, the Kleinste Huis has grown into a tea specialist of stature.

Het Kleinste Huis

a short introduction

Het Kleinste Huis is located in the middle of the historic city center of Amsterdam. With its 2.02 meters wide and 5 meters deep, this building is actually the smallest independent house that can be found in the capital. The cottage, which dates from 1738, is located in Oude Hoogstraat 22, right next to the East Indies House and the gate to the Walloon church.

Since 2014, the smallest tea shop in the capital has been located in this house. On the ground floor you will find a very extensive collection of fresh quality teas, tea accessories and delicacies. On the top 2 floors you can enjoy a cup of tea with homemade cakes. The couple Kristen and Niels are the founders of Het Kleinste Huis.

The house has been in the possession of the Kirsten family for many years. From the early 1960s to the late 1970s, Kirsten's mother ran a luxury gift shop in the building. At the end of the 1990s, the houses served as a residence. After the last resident has left the house, there is room for a new interpretation.

It is up to Niels and Kirsten to give the house a nice destination.

Tea Shop Het Kleinste Huis

With over 200 types of tea and herbs, we can proudly say that the range of our tea shop is one of the largest in Amsterdam. Are you curious about our collection? Then look further!

The Smallest House is located in the middle of the busy Red Light District. Every day tens of thousands of tourists walk through the streets

Due to the small size, the choices are limited. It's too easy to turn it into yet another souvenir shop. Kirsten and Niels would like to start a store that can break a lance with the monotonous range of shops in the Red Light District.

That choice was quickly made. A specialty shop, in loose coffee and tea, which also has added value for the local population. Niels and Kirsten have been fans of loose leaf tea for years and have visited tea plantations on several trips.

A tea specialty store​

for and by Amsterdammers

Tea Rooms Het Kleinste Huis

The two upper floors of Theewinkel Het Kleinste Huis are perhaps the most beautiful tea rooms in Amsterdam. Come and enjoy our tea tastings.

Historic epicenter

of the European tea trade

A nice touch, the cottage is in the historic epicenter of the European tea trade. It is the Dutch who first brought tea to Europe, not the English as is often believed. The VOC is the first to take tea from China and ship it to Amsterdam. Later, the trade is expanded with tea from other Asian countries.

Both the headquarters of the VOC (Oost Indisch Huis) and the warehouse where the tea is stored (Bushuis), are adjacent to Het Kleinste Huis. The tea was then taken across the street to be traded on the stock exchange. From there, the tea spreads all over Europe. Even after the fall of the VOC, the tea trade continues.

Until the end of the last century, the Pakhuismeesteren van de Thee in Amsterdam had a major influence on the tea trade. They have also been located in the adjacent building of Het Kleinste Huis.

Read more about our Tea Shop, our Tea Rooms and the History of the cottage.

- Kirsten & Niels -

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We understand that the temptation is great to view the inside of the house. However, due to the crowds in the tea shop and tea rooms, it is not always possible to give you a tour of the building and its history.

We would like to ask for your understanding for this.

The Smallest House in Amsterdam is only 2.02 meters wide at its front. However, inside the house is slightly wider, namely 2.15 meters.

According to the city council of Amsterdam, this makes the house the narrowest house in the city over its entire length.

The cottage has had no sanitary facilities for over 200 years. The residents had to go to the public baths that were located near the Nieuwmarkt. Nowadays you can just shower and go to the toilet.

The Smallest House in Amsterdam is open from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are also open on Sundays twice a month.

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