Tea tips for colds and sore throats

Warm Winter Remedies: Herbal Tea for Colds and Sore Throat

Discover the Restorative Power of Herbal Tea

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Door Kirsten

6 Herbal teas that will help you through the winter

Cold again! Snorting nose and sore throat, it doesn't stop this winter. Fortunately, tea can help you recover faster from flu and colds. There are also teas that soothe your sore throat and give you a warm feeling inside.

Herbal teas such as Sage, Mint, Lemongrass, Chamomile, Ginger and Thyme are all suitable for relieving cold symptoms and speeding up your recovery promote. Read all about the restorative effect of herbal tea in this Blog.

Why is it a good idea to drink herbal tea when you have a cold?

Drinking herbal tea when you have a cold is a good idea for several reasons. First, certain herbs in tea, such as ginger, mint, and chamomile, can help soothe sore throats and reduce inflammation. They can also contribute to relieving stuffy noses and promoting better breathing. In addition, hydration is very important when you have a cold and drinking warm tea can help with this. After all, tea gives you a warm feeling inside which immediately makes you feel a lot better.

Tea is a delicious and natural way to combat colds and sore throats.

Which herbal tea is suitable to get rid of your cold?

Below we will discuss all the properties and effects of the 6 best herbal teas with you. Would you like to go straight to one of the teas? Then click on the herbal tea of your choice:

Scooping loose chamomile tea from a glass jar for a soothing infusion.

Herbal tea: Your ally in your fight against colds and sore throats!

  • Characteristics: Sage is an evergreen herb with gray-green leaves and purple-blue flowers.
  • Active Substances: It contains, among other things, essential oils, flavonoids and phenolic acids.
  • Combinations: Pairs well with lemon and honey for a soothing tea.

Sage, scientifically known as Salvia officinalis, is an herb that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. For colds, sage is particularly useful because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These properties help to relieve sore throat and reduce inflammation in the throat and mouth, which is common with colds. Sage also acts as an expectorant, meaning it can help loosen and remove mucus from the airways. In addition, using sage in the form of tea or gargling can strengthen the immune system and contribute to a faster recovery from cold symptoms.

A warm cup of sage tea with fresh sage leaves, perfect for throat comfort.
Sage Herbal Tea from Het Kleinste Huis

Sage: the natural guardian of your throat, soothes jitters and protects against colds.

  • Characteristics: A tropical grass with a strong lemon scent.
  • Active Substances: Lemongrass can help with colds due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Combinations: Goes well with ginger or mint for a spicy and fresh taste.

Lemongrass is a popular herb in many cultures for its versatile medicinal properties. Lemongrass can help with colds due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can help fight infections that cause cold symptoms. In addition, lemongrass has a soothing effect on the throat, which helps soothe sore throat and reduces coughing. It also promotes immunity, which can be helpful in preventing and combating cold and flu symptoms. Lemongrass is often used in herbal teas and can be combined with other healing herbs for additional relief.

A clear cup of green tea with a lemon slice, a refreshing beverage.
Lemongrass Tea van Het Kleinste Huis

Lemongrass: A spark of sunshine in your cup, fighting colds with its bright, citrusy power.

  • Characteristics: Mint has a characteristic fresh, strong smell and taste.
  • Active Substances: Rich in menthol, which provides relief from stuffy noses.
  • Combinations: Delicious in combination with lemongrass or ginger for a refreshing blend.

Mint, known for its fresh aroma and taste, is also very effective in relieving cold symptoms. The main active ingredient in mint, menthol, helps open the airways and relieve a stuffy nose. This makes breathing easier when you have a cold. Additionally, mint has anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the throat and reduce coughing. Mint tea, often drunk with a cold, can also help hydrate and soothe the throat and airways.

We have written an extensive Blog about our Spearmint Tea. Here you can find our Spearmint Blog.

Loose-leaf spearmint on a wooden spoon, rich in antioxidants.
Organic Spearmint herbal tea from Het Kleinste Huis

Mint tea: A fresh sigh of relief from colds, refreshing for the mind and soothing for clogged nostrils

  • Characteristics: Small, white flowers with a sweet, slightly bitter taste.
  • Active Substances: Contains bisabolol and matricin, known for their sedative effects.
  • Combinations: Can be mixed well with lavender or honey for relaxation.

Chamomile or Camomile is known for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective natural remedy for colds. The presence of substances such as bisabolol and matricin in chamomile contributes to reducing inflammation and irritation in the throat, which often occurs with colds. Additionally, chamomile tea can help promote better sleep, which is essential for the recovery process during a cold. The calming effect of chamomile also helps to relieve stress and anxiety, which can also improve your overall immunity and well-being.

Chamomile tea in a clear glass with flowers beside, a gentle remedy for illness.
Chamomile from Het Kleinste Huis

Chamomile tea soothes the body and mind, perfect for relaxation and relief.

  • Characteristics: A sharp, spicy taste with a slightly sweet aroma.
  • Active Ingredients: Contains gingerol, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Combinations: Mixes well with lemon, honey or peppermint for a warming tea.

Ginger is often used for colds because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These properties can help fight infections and reduce inflammation associated with colds. In addition, ginger has a warming effect, which can help relieve cold symptoms. Ginger can also help relieve a stuffy nose and sore throat, and it promotes healthy sweat production, which helps detoxify the body during a cold.

Lemon and ginger tea with honey, a classic cold remedy.
Ginger Tea from Het Kleinste Huis

Ginger tea: a warm, natural relief from colds, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial powers.

  • Characteristics: Has small, gray-green leaves and a spicy, slightly bitter taste.
  • Active Ingredients: Rich in thymol, which has antiseptic properties.
  • Combinations: Complements well with lemon or honey, especially in a soothing tea.

Thyme is effective for colds because of its antiseptic and expectorant properties. These properties help fight bacteria and viruses that cause cold symptoms. Additionally, thyme can help loosen and cough up mucus from the airways, making breathing easier. The herb is often used in teas and inhalations to relieve the symptoms of colds.

We have written a very extensive blog about Thyme containing everything about Thyme and the active substances it contains. To our Thyme Blog

Fresh thyme in a wooden spoon, an aromatic herb for teas.
Thyme from Het Kleinste Huis

Thyme tea: a powerful natural remedy that helps soothe the symptoms of colds

Conclusion of Herbal Tea for Colds and Sore Throat

In summary, this blog highlights the versatile benefits of herbal teas in the fight against colds and sore throats. Herbs such as sage, mint, lemongrass, chamomile, ginger and thyme not only provide a soothing ritual, but also contain active ingredients that specifically help relieve cold symptoms. Whether reducing inflammation, soothing the throat, opening the airways or boosting the immune system, these natural remedies provide a holistic approach to staying healthy during cold season. Their timeless and proven effectiveness makes herbal teas an essential part of our health routine in the colder months.

- Kirsten -

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For a large part of her life Kirsten has had a passion for entrepreneurship and tea. Since 2014, she has been combining this with her husband, Niels, in the tea specialty store Het Kleinste Huis (The Smallest House in Amsterdam). Kirsten likes to write about things that keep her busy (this doesn't have to be just tea!).

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