Talks around the Coffee/Tea Cups (Podcast)

A few years ago Chloe came to Amsterdam from Japan. In the meantime, she has found her niche in our city.

Having just arrived, she immediately set out on a journey of discovery. Coincidentally, I was there when she walked into our store. We soon noticed that we had a 'click'; same sense of humor, outlook on life and our love for (Japanese) tea. Chloe especially likes our Houjicha and Tamaryokucha.

Whenever we announce new teas on Instagram, Chloe immediately jumps on her bike to try them out in our store.

Last year, during the lockdown, she came up with the idea to interview friends and acquaintances about the things that concern them. And all this while enjoying a good cup of coffee tea. The topics and interlocutors are quite diverse. Everybody's cup of tea!

In the meantime she has already reached episode 26 and I had the honour of being interviewed. Put your ear to listen to two ladies who love tea. Click the link below to listen to the podcast.

For a large part of her life Kirsten has had a passion for entrepreneurship and tea. Since 2014, she has been combining this with her husband, Niels, in the tea specialty store Het Kleinste Huis (The Smallest House in Amsterdam). Kirsten likes to write about things that keep her busy (this doesn't have to be just tea!).

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