The Smallest House now with WebwinkelKeur!

The Smallest House now with WebwinkelKeur!

We are Kirsten and Niels, proud owners of the tea shop The Smallest House. With a passion for teas and herbs, we have been sharing our knowledge and love for these unique products with our customers for years. We believe it's important to be a reliable and customer-friendly online store, where you can order with peace of mind.

That's why we are extra proud that our website has recently been approved by WebwinkelKeur. This quality mark is an independent seal of approval awarded only to online stores that meet strict requirements in terms of reliability, safety, and customer service.

Why WebwinkelKeur?

WebwinkelKeur offers a number of important benefits for our customers:

  • Safe online shopping: WebwinkelKeur checks whether our website meets legal requirements and ensures your personal data is safe.
  • Customer-friendly service: We offer excellent customer service, with clear conditions, fast delivery, and a good complaints procedure.
  • Extra security: The quality mark serves as an additional guarantee of reliability. You can trust that you are making an honest and dependable purchase from us.

The perfect match with our values

The values of WebwinkelKeur align perfectly with our own. We believe in the importance of transparency, providing good service, and offering our customers an optimal shopping experience. The quality mark thus serves as a confirmation of our dedication in this area.

Come visit Tea Shop The Smallest House!

We hope you feel secure ordering in our webshop. Experience the benefits of the WebwinkelKeur quality mark for yourself and enjoy our extensive selection of teas, herbs, and spices.

Kind regards,

Kirsten and Niels

Tea Shop The Smallest House

Hi, I'm Niels and a passionate tea lover. Since 2014 I share my love for tea in my own shop, Het Kleinste Huis, and on my blog. Here I share my knowledge and experiences to inspire and inform others about the fascinating world of tea. Follow my blog and discover new flavors, teas and adventures with me.

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