Easter Afternoon Tea

Something different than an Easter brunch

This year I'm making an Easter High Tea instead of an Easter brunch. I'd love to share my decoration and tea suggestions of course with you!

by Kirsten

Nature as inspiration for my Easter table

Spring is coming! My daily bike ride to the store through the Westerpark is suddenly so much more pleasant. The daffodils and tulips that are now blooming everywhere, the first cherry blossoms on the trees and a cacophony of birdsong. This makes me absolutely happy!

And it also means that it's almost Easter, one of my favorite holidays, because then I can go big with making a beautifully decorated Easter table. Every year I make an extensive Easter table at home, because it's one of the few moments when we really have a weekend together as a family. My anticipation already starts when thinking about what I will take for theme this year and it was actually obvious: nature.

Why not have an Easter Afternoon Tea instead of an Easter Brunch

This year I wanted something different from the traditional Easter brunch, why not an Easter Afternoon Tea? The dishes are slightly different and combine well with different teas, such as the selection of Easter teas from the shop. 

Which teas go well with an Afternoon Tea?

In any case, it is nice to let your guests taste several teas, for example put 3 large pots on the table with my selection of Easter teas: choco truffle tea, Lemon Verbena herbal blend and Spring in Amsterdam. 

Fresh and Fitness herbal blend

This tea is an excellent choice for an Easter brunch, as its light and refreshing flavour perfectly complements traditional Easter dishes. The fruity notes of strawberry and orange go well with sweet treats, while the fresh notes of verbena and lemongrass offer a delicious contrast to savoury dishes. Moreover, the floral accents of marigold and carrot create a festive and colourful presentation, adding to the cosy Easter atmosphere.

Spring in Amsterdam Tea

To the eye alone, this tea is a picture to behold. Our Spring in Amsterdam tea has a light but fruity character. The sweet fragrance of rose petal together with lychee and light white tea form a fresh and surprising blend. This tea also goes well with savoury dishes.

Choco Truffle Tea

This is a delicious tea that will have you shaking off the winter months in no time. It is a surprising combination of chocolate and truffle (and note the little sugar hearts!). A tea that is excellent with sweet dishes. Not for nothing is this tea a children's favourite!

Which decoration do I use for my Easter table, my tips for you

Everything I need is available in nature.

 I make a strip of flower petals in the middle of the table, like a table runner so to speak. Because bunches of flowers on the table never work so well for us in combination with the children and pets. I choose a mix of colors, yellow daffodil, red tulip and purple??

Twigs as skewers and spoons. I went into the woods with the girls to find small twigs. I use these as skewers and stir sticks (after washing them well of course)

Instead of egg cups I use shot glasses, around which I tie a bow of oat stalks.

Daisies crowns are so much fun to make with the kids, they not only put them on their heads, but I also use them as decoration for my Easter baking. Because did you know that many more flowers are actually edible than you might think, including Daisies.

I can't wait...enjoy your preparations!

- Kirsten -

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For a large part of her life Kirsten has had a passion for entrepreneurship and tea. Since 2014, she has been combining this with her husband, Niels, in the tea specialty store Het Kleinste Huis (The Smallest House in Amsterdam). Kirsten likes to write about things that keep her busy (this doesn't have to be just tea!).

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