Hello! My name is Niels and I am a passionate tea lover. After years of experience in the IT world, I decided to chase my dream in 2014 and open my own tea shop: The Smallest House. I have always been fascinated by the world of tea and its rich history, and I am proud to now be able to share this passion with others.

My goal is to pass on my extensive knowledge of tea to my customers and readers so that they too can discover and appreciate the diverse tastes, aromas and health benefits of this wonderful drink. On my blog I share my insights, experiences and adventures in the field of tea, from discovering new flavors and teas to visiting tea plantations and learning about the history and culture of tea.

I cordially invite you to follow my blog and explore the world of tea with me. I believe there is always more to learn and discover, and I hope my passion for tea inspires you to start your own tea journey. Cheers!