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Meet Golden Monkey Organic, a high-quality and refined black tea that not only offers exceptional taste, but also carries a rich history and culture. Originating from the Yunnan province in China, this exclusive tea is known for its excellent quality and careful production process, selecting only the best tea leaves.

Golden Monkey Organic is the result of craftsmanship and a deep-rooted tea tradition, making it an excellent choice for both experienced tea drinkers and newcomers looking for a special black tea. The unique character and subtle flavor nuances make this tea perfect for special occasions, but also for everyday enjoyment. The tea has soft notes of caramel, nuts and chocolate and contains little tannin.

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How does Golden Monkey Organic taste?​

Golden Monkey Organic is a true symphony of flavors that come together in a harmonious and refined taste experience. This tea has soft notes of caramel, nuts and chocolate, which go perfectly with the light sweetness and velvety texture. The presence of little tannin ensures that the tea has a pleasant and smooth aftertaste, without the bitterness sometimes associated with black tea.

The complexity of the flavor is further enhanced by subtle fruity and spicy notes, which gradually unfold with each sip. This layering makes Golden Monkey Organic a tea that continues to surprise you and invites you to experiment with different brewing methods and water temperatures to fully express the richness of flavors.

Whether you are a seasoned tea connoisseur or someone just exploring the world of loose tea, Golden Monkey Organic offers an accessible and enticing taste that is both impressive and enjoyable. Be surprised by the nuances of this high-quality black tea and enjoy the many facets it has to offer.

How strong is Golden Monkey Organic?​

Golden Monkey Organic is a medium-strength black tea that is well balanced. If you let this tea steep for too long, it can get a slightly more bitter taste. To achieve the optimal taste, we recommend using 2 grams of tea per cup and heating the water to 90-95°C. Then let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes, depending on your taste preference. Adjust the steep time to vary the strength of the tea to your liking.

Golden Monkey Organic

Golden Monkey Organic owes its unique character and excellent quality to the careful selection and processing of the tea leaves. Originating from the Yunnan province in China, a region with a long tea tradition, this special black tea is hand-picked in early spring and produced according to ancient methods.

The name "Golden Monkey" is derived from the special shape of the tea leaves and the color they get during the production process. The young tea leaves are picked with some of the stems and buds attached, resulting in an appearance reminiscent of a monkey's claws. In addition, the leaves get a golden glow during oxidation, which further underlines the name "Golden Monkey".

This naming not only reflects the unique appearance of the tea, but also the rarity and exclusivity it represents. Golden Monkey Bio is a carefully cultivated and produced tea that embodies the true essence of Chinese tea culture.

As an organic product, Golden Monkey Organic is also a responsible choice for tea drinkers who value sustainability and environmentally friendly production methods. It shows the dedication and passion of the tea producers to create an excellent product with respect for both people and nature.

Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Monkey​

Do you have a question about using Golden Monkey? Below we have answered the most frequently asked questions for you.

Yes, as a black tea, Golden Monkey Organic contains both caffeine and theine, which occur naturally in tea leaves. The caffeine content varies per cup and depends on factors such as the amount of tea leaves used, the water temperature and the steeping time.

Store Golden Monkey Organic in a cool, dry and dark place in an airtight container or container to preserve freshness and flavour.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, strong odors and moisture, as these factors can negatively affect the quality of the tea.

Golden Monkey Organic can be drunk pure or with additives, depending on personal preference. While it's not common to add milk to this particular tea, a little sugar or honey can enhance the sweetness and complexity of the flavor.

Golden Monkey Organic tea leaves can be reused several times, although the taste and aroma will diminish with each brewing.

Generally, the leaves can be used 2-3 times before the flavor gets too weak. Increase the steeping time with each successive brewing to maintain the flavor intensity.

Golden Monkey Organic offers several health benefits, thanks to the natural antioxidants (such as catechins) and other beneficial substances present in the tea leaves. These antioxidants help fight free radicals, which may contribute to better heart and immune health.

In addition, the caffeine present can be a mild stimulant that helps to increase alertness and improve concentration.

Golden Monkey Organic distinguishes itself from other black teas by its smooth, complex taste and low tannin content, resulting in a less bitter taste experience. It is a luxurious and exclusive tea that will appeal to both connoisseurs and beginners. Compared to other black teas, Golden Monkey Bio offers a unique taste experience with notes of caramel, nuts and chocolate.

The ideal water temperature for brewing Golden Monkey Organic is between 90-95°C. Use about one teaspoon of tea leaves per cup (about 200-250 ml of water) and let the tea steep for 3-4 minutes for optimal taste. Experiment with the steep time and water temperature to adjust the flavor to your liking. For a stronger flavour, you can extend the steeping time, while a shorter steeping time results in a milder flavour.

Do you have more questions about Golden Monkey Organic?​

If your question about Golden Monkey Bio has not been answered above? Send an e-mail with your question to

We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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Category Black Tea Brand Het Kleinste Huis SKU 430-50
Gluten Gluten free
Lactose Lactose-free
Nuts Nut-free
Country of origin China, provence Yunnan
Amount of tea per cup 1 - 2 tea spoons
Indication brewing time 2 - 3 minutes
Temperature water 90 ºC - 100 ºC (194 °F - 212 °F)
Organically grown? Yes
Palette Caramel, nuts, chocolate
Color infusion Light red
Time of day In the morning / In the afternoon
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