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Ginger tea - Black Tea
  • Ginger tea - Black Tea
  • Ginger tea - Black Tea

Ginger tea

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A delicious black tea, with a spicy and pleasant ginger mixture. A nice healthy boost for the cold winter months.


Legend has it that Marco Polo was the first person to introduce ginger to Europe. He was impressed during his trip to China. In China, this spice has been cultivated for more than 3000 years. There it has been used for a long time in the kitchen and as a herbal medicine.

Ginger is naturally rich in Vitamin B6 and Magnesium. Vitamin B6 is known to help fight anemia.

Our ginger tea is based in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The British began to grow tea on a large scale in the 19th century. Ceylon tea has a refreshing aroma with a hint of citrus. Ceylon tea is often used in blends.

Gember thee 50
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Data sheet

Country of origin
Black tea, ginger
Amount of tea per cup
1 - 2 tea spoons
Indication brewing time
3 - 5 minutes
Temperature water
90 ºC - 100 ºC (194 °F - 212 °F)
Organically grown?
Strong spicy
Color infusion
Time of day
In the afternoon / In the evening

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