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Explore the world of Earl Grey: from traditional blends to innovative variations. Discover the rich aromas and refined flavors of our carefully selected collection.

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Discover the Refined World of Earl Gray Tea at The Smallest House

Welcome to the elegant and aromatic world of Earl Gray tea, a timeless classic known for its unique taste and rich history. At Het Kleinste Huis we have a carefully selected collection of Earl Gray teas that are perfect for any time of the day. From our traditional Earl Gray with its signature hint of bergamot to our special blends that each put a unique spin on this beloved classic, each variety has been chosen to meet the high expectations of our tea lovers.

The Origins of Earl Grey: A Story of Quality and Tradition

Named after Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Gray and British Prime Minister in the 19th century, our Earl Gray tea has a history almost as rich as its flavour. This world-famous tea is characterized by the addition of bergamot oil, derived from the peel of the bergamot citrus. This essential oil gives Earl Gray its unmistakable aroma and subtle citrus note, making it a favorite with tea drinkers around the world (Farmer's Almanac).

A Symphony of Taste: Our Earl Gray Collection

Our range includes various Earl Gray varieties, each with their own character:

  • Classic Earl Grey: Our classic blend combines the power of black tea with the freshness of bergamot for a timeless experience.
  • Green Earl Grey: For those looking for something lighter, our Green Earl Gray offers a smoother taste with the same signature citrus notes.
  • Oolong Earl Grey: A unique twist on the traditional, our Oolong Earl Gray balances the rich, earthy notes of oolong tea with the bright, citrusy bergamot.

Bergamot: The Heart of Earl Grey

The bergamot in our Earl Gray tea is more than just a seasoning. It is a symbol of refinement and quality. This citrus fruit, grown in the Mediterranean climate, gives our tea its distinctive aroma and flavor profile. Bergamot is also known for its health benefits, including promoting relaxation and improving digestion.

Enjoy Your Way

Whether you drink your Earl Gray neat or with a cloud of milk, every cup from our collection promises an invigorating and tasty experience. Discover the perfect Earl Gray for your taste and make every tea moment special with The Smallest House.

Your Perfect Cup of Earl Grey

Follow our expert tips to get the most out of your Earl Gray tea. From the ideal water temperature to the perfect brewing time, we ensure that you make a perfect cup of tea every time.