Tea theme

Tea shop Het Kleinste Huis is known for its unique and diverse tea themes and offers a suitable tea for every occasion and taste. Below we describe some of the most popular tea themes:

  1. Christmas tea: During the holidays we offer special Christmas teas, ranging from warm and fragrant herbal teas to sweet and fruity fruit teas. Great to get through the dark cold winter months!
  2. Detox Tea: For those looking for a healthy boost, we have a wide variety of Detox teas ranging from herbal and fruit blends all aimed at making your life a little healthier.
  3. Iced Tea: For a refreshing thirst quencher in the warm summer months, we offer a wide selection of Iced Tea, ranging from herbal and fruit teas. In our blog we explain in simple steps how you can easily make your own iced tea at home.
  4. Valentine: For the Day of Love we have a range of Valentine teas and Valentine gifts, ranging from romantic rose and strawberry teas to fragrant jasmine teas.
  5. Misses and Master Tea: The Misses and Masters are also not forgotten by us. For the hard work we offer different types of teas for the Misses and the Masters, made from healthy and tasty ingredients.
  6. Children's tea: It is important to get the children used to healthy habits and that is why we have a wide collection of different types of teas that are suitable for children.