T-Mail: tea in a postcard!

Send T-mail instead of E-mail!

T-mail is our collection of postcards filled with tea.

An original way to surprise someone or to let them know you are thinking of them.

Enjoy a tea moment together!

Whether you enjoy a cup of tea by yourself or in the company of a loved one, tea is all about the moment. A moment of caring, sharing and being together.

Wouldn't it be nice to send someone a special tea moment?

T-mail is available in our tea shop in Amsterdam or here via our website. If you order via the website, you can choose the tea yourself and personalize the card. This means that you can have a message put on it and we will send it for you.


  • a sealed envelope designed as a postcard
  • filled with loose leaf tea and a filter bag
  • 8 grams of tea, enough for 4 cups or 1 pot
  • with a personal message on your behalf;
  • the envelope is resealable. This way the tea stays fresh longer!

For which occasion would you like to send a tea card?

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