Miniatures of the Smallest House in Amsterdam

Miniatures of the Smallest House in Amsterdam

A nice souvenir of your visit to the smallest house in Amsterdam? Then choose a porcelain miniature of the smallest house in Amsterdam!

The handmade miniatures of the Smallest House in Amsterdam come in two variants, one Delfst blue and one polychrome version. Of each variant were made exactly 50 copies. A true collector's item!

The miniatures have a height of 15 cm, 4 cm wide and 7 cm deep. On the back of each thumbnail, you will find the logo of the Smallest House, the year of manufacture and serial number.

Note: These articles are hand built. Small size and color defects, imperfections are characteristic features of handmade ceramic and emphasize the uniqueness of the product.

Royal Goedewaagen

Royal Goedewaagen is one of the oldest pottery manufacturers in the Netherlands. The tradition of quality ceramics started over 400 years ago in Gouda. In 1932, the first miniatures of historic buildings were released. In 2014, after 82 years and many more miniatures, the honor was to the Smallest House in Amsterdam.


All products of Royal Goedewaagen are already produced for centuries in a traditional way in the Netherlands, with modern production techniques associated with solid craftsmanship and hand finishing. The combination of natural materials and the production process, the products are not identical, and they have a unique and authentic look.

More information on Royal Goedewaagen available here.

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