Amsterdam Classics

Amsterdam and Tea - a rich history, discover the special Amsterdam blends of tea shop Het Kleinste Huis ​​

Tea shop Het Kleinste Huis is located in the historic epicenter of the European tea trade. The Dutch were the first to bring tea to Europe. The VOC was the first to bring tea from China and ship it to Amsterdam.

In our range we have a special Amsterdam tea collection: Amsterdam Classics, which are inspired by the rich history of Amsterdam and its tea past.


Tea shop Het Kleinste Huis is located right in the center of Amsterdam. Exactly on the spot where the heart of the tea trade was located in the 17th century. Did you know, for example, that both the headquarters of the VOC (Oost Indisch Huis) and the warehouse where the tea is stored (Bushuis) are adjacent to Het Kleinste Huis?

To honor this rich history, we have put together a special selection of Amsterdam teas under the name: Amsterdam Classics. While you enjoy the rich flavors and scents that these unique blends have to offer, you feel surrounded by the historical charm and cosiness that characterizes Amsterdam.

Enjoy one of our Amsterdam blends yourself or give it as an original gift. As an extra, you can choose to have the Amsterdam blends packaged in a beautiful tin, completely in Amsterdam style. A tea gift that will make everyone happy!

Amsterdam and Tea:
An Ode to Our Past

In the 17th century, Amsterdam was the spider in the web of world trade, thanks to the VOC, the Dutch East India Company. This was the time of discovery and expansion, and the VOC was at the heart of it all. They brought back all kinds of things from their travels to the Far East, but nothing was as valuable as the leaves of the tea plant. Yes, tea! That delicious drink that is now so close to our hearts.

Imagine the excitement when the first ship, loaded with crates of exotic tea, entered the port of Amsterdam. It must have been a wonderful time. The sweet smell of the new shipment spread through the streets, while the tea leaves waited to conquer the hearts of Amsterdammers. The smallest house, in the middle of this tea center, has witnessed this glorious evolution of tea in Amsterdam.

Although small in size, it plays a major role in our town's heritage, while keeping alive the legacy of 17th century tea. If you like tea, this is a history not to be missed. Every time you take a sip of your tea, reflect on this rich history. It's not just a drink, it's a story that spans generations, a story of discovery, trade, and cultural exchange. A story that is kept alive in the walls of the smallest house in Amsterdam.

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