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A Tea Bouquet especially for Mother's Day

May 14 is Mother's Day, a great time to put your mother in the tea flowers. Especially for Mother's Day we have made a tea selection that will please every mother. A colorful and fragrant bouquet of lavender, cherry blossom and jasmine blossom combined with the flavors of different teas. Whether you choose Lady Lavender, White Cherry Blossom or Green Jasmine Tea, all three have their own specific character and are not only surprising to drink, but also a feast for the eyes. The addition of the flower blossoms gives these Mother's Day teas a colorful appearance and a unique taste palette.

A special packaging and Mother's Day card ​

Of course we pack the Mother's Day teas in a luxurious package and we have given the labels a special Mother's Day look, making it a real tea bouquet that will make all mothers happy!

And we have made a nice card, on which you can write your personal message. You will receive this card from us with your order!

This is our Mother's Day Selection​

Lady Lavender

This refreshing blend of Earl Grey, Bergamot and lavender blossom has the specific character of Earl Grey, but with just that little extra of lavender. A tea that fits well with spring and approaching summer, a sun in your (tea) glass. ​

White Cherry Blossem

The combination of a soft white tea with the slightly sweet and floral character of the cherry blossom is really a surprising taste sensation. The added rose petals make this blend a feast for the eyes. A tea blend that no mother can resist. ​

Green Jasmin Tea

Green tea with Jasmine blossom is a tea to relax with. The Jasmine naturally has a  calming effect and strengthens the immune system. With our Green Jasmine Tea you give every mother a moment of peace for herself!


The use of flowers in tea is an age-old tradition, which stems from the beneficial effect that many flowers have. There are many more flowers suitable for making (herbal) tea than you think. Well-known varieties are, for example, chamomile and rosehip tea. Less well known are the Marigold and Lady's Mantle, but that doesn't make them any less interesting. We have a rich collection of flower teas that are really worth trying out. Flower teas are not only tasty but also support your natural health.

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