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The tastiest teas for your Easter table

With spring in our heads we have
put together a special Easter tea collection.

It's Easter at The Smallest House, spring is on its way and we can shake off winter. For on your Easter table (and to celebrate spring), we have put together 3 delicious tea blends: 

Our Spring in Amsterdam tea has a light but fruity character. The sweet scent of rose petal combines with lychee and light white tea to form a fresh and surprising blend. 

The Choco Truffle tea based on oolong tea mixed with cocoa husks, carrot pieces, ground coconut and a hint of lemon is fresh and spicy in character. This tea is sure to steal the show on your Easter table if only because of the sugar hearts it contains. 

A real showstopper is the Fresh and Fitness blend, thanks in part to the various ingredients that each have their unique influence on the flavour. The strawberry and orange add a fruity sweetness that is both refreshing and warming. These fruity notes create a summer feeling and a pleasant balance between sweet and sour. 

Make it a real tea tasting event by serving all three, this way you will turn Easter into a real tea party!

Our Favorite Easter Teas

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Easter teas

An Easter High Tea!

Een rijkelijk gevulde Paas High Tea tafel met o.a. scones en kwarteleitjes.

Nature as inspiration for my Easter table.

Spring is coming! My daily bike ride to the store through the Rembrandtpark is suddenly so much more pleasant. The daffodils and tulips in bloom, the first blossoms on the trees and a cacophony of birdsong. That makes me so happy!

And it also means that it's almost Easter, one of my favorite holidays, because then I can go big with making a beautifully decorated Easter table. Every year I make an extensive Easter table at home, because it's one of the few moments when we really have a weekend together as a family. My anticipation starts when I come up with a theme and it was actually obvious this year: nature. Read more...

Surprising Easter teas can be found at Het Kleinste Huis

If you are looking for surprising Easter teas, tea shop Het Kleinste Huis is the perfect place to shop.

How about a spicy black tea blend with chocolate, a floral blend based on white tea or a herbal blend with verbena... and why not serve all 3 on your Easter table!

What's more, the team at Het Kleinste Huis is always willing to help choose the perfect blend, so you can be sure to choose something that will please.

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