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Easter teas

Easter in the smallest house

The tastiest teas for your Easter table

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The Smallest House

Tea specialist of great size

Tea shop 'Het Kleinste Huis' is located in… the smallest house in Amsterdam! The tiny building from the early 18th century, located in the heart of the city center, houses the largest tea collection in the city at just 9m2.

Tea shop 'Het Kleinste Huis' was founded in 2014 and has since grown into a major tea specialist.

With love and attention to product, quality and customer, we put together our very extensive collection of (organic) loose teas, from all over the world.

In addition, tea shop 'Het Kleinste Huis' sells a fine collection of herbs and spices and delicacies from Amsterdam.

Above the tea shop are perhaps the 2 most special tea rooms in the Netherlands!

100% Natural

Tea as tea should be, 100% natural... We only use the best ingredients for all our teas. Straight from nature, without artificial additives. That is why you will not find any E-numbers or preservatives in our teas.

Where possible, we always try to offer an organic alternative to our teas. Our collection of organic teas expands every month.

Loose tea is, in addition to being tastier than tea from a bag, also better for the environment. Less packaging needs to be used and you can make tea from loose tea several times. Count out your winnings! In addition, our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Many of our customers nowadays take a caddy or glass jar to our tea shop to fill with loose leaf tea. In this way we save even more on packaging and the environment.

Tea Talks

Buy your loose leaf tea at Het Kleinste Huis

In 2014 we, Kirsten and Niels, started our tea adventure with a beautiful tea shop in the smallest house in Amsterdam. With our enthusiasm and expertise we try to help all our customers as optimally as possible in finding the right tea. With over 200 teas in stock in our tea shop, there is always something for everyone.

Come smell, feel, see and taste in our special tea shop

For us, drinking tea is more than just putting a tea bag in hot water and wait. When drinking tea you use all your senses. You want to smell, feel, see and taste the tea. You want to be advised in your choice. Maybe even put together your own blend. No effort is too much for us to help you in your search for the perfect cup of tea.All this is possible in our tea shop.

Do you want extensive advice? Then book a tea tasting in one of our tea rooms.

At the start of our tea shop, we also started selling tea through this website. Many of our teas that we sell in our tea shop can also be ordered online.

Buying your tea online may be convenient and fast, but not always obvious. Especially when it comes to loose leaf tea. Sometimes the online description of a tea seems appealing, but the taste is disappointing in practice. You often have to rely on what is described in the product description of the tea.

The right advice, also in our online tea shop!

We therefore try to provide our products with detailed descriptions, photos, videos and taste ranges as much as possible. Everything to make your choice as easy and good as possible.

If you still find it difficult to make the right choice, call us on +31 20 752 75 85 or contact us via our contact form. We are happy to help you!

Of course you are also very welcome in our tea shop in the Oude Hoogstraat in Amsterdam.

- Kirsten & Niels -