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The Smallest House

The Smallest House is located in… the smallest house in Amsterdam! The tiny building from the early 18th century, located in the heart of the city center, houses the largest tea collection in the city.

The Smallest House was founded in 2014 and has since grown into a major tea specialist. With love and attention to product, quality and customer, we put together our very wide collection of (organic) loose teas, from all corners of the world.

The Smallest Hous also sells a beautiful collection of herbs and spices and delicacies from Amsterdam.

  • More than 150 loose teas
  • Wide collection of organic tea

About Us

The Smallest House in Amsterdam

The Smallest House

Since 2014, a tea shop with a very extensive collection of fresh quality tea, delicacies and coffee has been located in the smallest house in Amsterdam. Learn more about our background!

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Tea Shop The Smallest House in Amsterdam

The Tea Shop

The Smallest House offers you a selection of fresh teas, accessories and tableware on an area of only 9m2. We also have a beautiful range of delicacies such as chocolate and liqueur.

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High Tea in The Smallest House in Amsterdam

The Tea Rooms

Above the tea shop, you will find Amsterdam's smallest tea rooms! In an intimate atmosphere, up to 7 people can enjoy tea with home made pastries.

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  • Tie Kuan Yin, a high quality Oolong tea from the Fujian province in China, formerly reserved for the Imperial Court.   Oolong is neither a black nor a green tea; Oolong actually represents its own category.   Where as black tea is completely oxidized and green tea barely at all, Oolong tea is only partially oxidized.   The leaves of the Tie Kuan Yin are oxidized to about 40%. They are heavy, dark green and tightly rolled. The brewed tea has a bright yellow (gold) color with a floral aroma.   As for the taste, it is quite full and balanced and slightly floral with hints of stone fruit, caramel or chestnut.   Personally I love the mild and friendly character of the Oolong teas and in particular the Tie Kuan Yin, a lot. It is such an elegant and tasteful alternative for the often bold and outspoken green and black teas.   Het Kleinste Huis offers a lovely range of Oolong teas and blends for you to explore. Available in store and online (link in bio).  Be sure to check it out!  If you are in need of any further information, just contact us by DM and we will try our best to help you out!   #thee #tea #tiekuanyin #oolong #oolongtea #theedrinken #theezetten #teatime #chinesetea #looseleaftea #lossethee #theewinkel #teashop #hetkleinstehuis #smallesthouse #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam #tealoversofinstagram #ilovetea #tealovers #insteagram #amsterdam #theewinkelamsterdam #theespecialist #amsterdamcravings #amsterdamfoodies #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #mindfulness #mindfulliving
  • The weather is so nice today in Amsterdam! Sunny, warm and a beautiful blue sky! It looks like spring has finally arrived and summer is approaching!  To enjoy these long summer days to the fullest, we have put together an iced tea package!   It consists of 3 different loose  leaf tea blends that are great for making refreshing iced tea:  -Organic Ginger Pear -Blue Earl Grey -Forrest Fruit  To really get into the summer vibes, we’ve added two tropical straws to each package so you can enjoy your iced tea in style!  Add a slice of lemon, maybe a drop of honey…and it’s time to relax and unwind!   The iced tea package is available in our store and online (link in bio)  #thee #ijsthee #icedtea #icetea #coldtea #organictea #biologischethee #organiclifestyle #biologisch #veganlifestyle #healthylifestyle #lossethee #looseleaftea #theepakket #cooldrink #summerdrink #celebratesummer #summerinamsterdam #zomerinamsterdam #amsterdam #iloveamsterdam #amsterdamfoodies #amsterdamcravings #expatsinamsterdam #tealovers #smallesthouse #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam #hetkleinstehuis #herbaltea #fruittea
  • The story behind ‘Lente in Amsterdam’ (Springtime in Amsterdam)  Tea and Amsterdam are inextricably linked. Although it is generally believed that the British brought about the spread of tea all over the world, it actually started in Amsterdam when the first ships from the East unloaded their tea on the quays of the Kloveniersburgwal. Right around the corner from Het Kleinste Huis.  Being so close to history has always given us a sense of belonging. In our way, we wanted to pay tribute to Amsterdam's tea heritage in the form of a special tea blend. That is why we introduced our Winter in Amsterdam last year, a beautiful spicy black tea blend. It soon became clear to us that we should not limit our tribute to just one season so we are going complete the four seasons!  And after winter comes spring…  For us it was natural that a spring blend should be light, airy and floral. If there is one thing that symbolises spring, it is budding nature. That is why we chose a white tea as a base, light, mildly sweet and never overpowering. The first top leaves and buds of the tea plant are used for this.  As for a flower, only one scent and flavour could be considered… the peony. Why the peony? Well, my love for this spring flower started in my childhood. It was on a day in May when I was told I had graduated from high school. As a surprise, my mother had bought me a huge bunch of peonies that spread a wonderful scent in my bedroom ... the image of those roses in a vase on my bedside table, the sun shining through the windows, the spring breeze playing with the curtains ... it is engraved in my memory.  To complement the peony, we have chosen a fruit that originated in China and has been used for centuries to scent tea, the lychee. Its fresh sweet taste fits seamlessly with the refined taste of peony leaves.  Spring in Amsterdam is a delicate, fresh tea blend that produces a beautiful golden tea that is warm and freshly sweet and has a layered flavor profile. A tea that remains captivating for a long time and can also be enjoyed very well as an iced tea.   Springtime in Amsterdam, we sure hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!
  • Flowers and sunshine at Het Kleinste Huis.  Couldn’t think of a better way to start the day.   Looks like the ivy has seen better days though…poor thing, we will take care of that next week.   Have a great day every one!  #flowers #dutchflowers #oldamsterdam #oldtown #spring #springtimeinamsterdam #lenteinamsterdam #amsterdam #iamsterdam #wanderlustamsterdam #tinyhouse #hetkleinstehuis #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam #smallesthouse #teashop #teashopamsterdam #uniqueplaces #cityscape #amsterdamoudestad #oudamsterdam #mijnamsterdam #geefmijmaaramsterdam #iloveamsterdam #theewinkel
  • Monk's Tea, a (highly anticipated) review…  Unlike English Breakfast Tea or Earl Grey Tea, Monk's Tea or Monk’s Blend or simply Monk’s is not a tea blend made according to a fixed recipe, even though the name might suggest otherwise.  There are many different Monk's Teas available and they will all be a little bit different. Every tea house has its own composition. Some are made with pure tea, some are scented with petals, some contain vanilla, some are even scented with essential oils.  But besides being different, they are very similar as well!  Generally, to create a Monk’s Tea classic teas are blended to provide a soothing, well-balanced tea with enough caffeine to focus. Unlike strong and robust blends, Monk's Blend is gentle, mild and medium strong.  Each Monk's Blend has its own specific taste but although there is no fixed recipe, there are a number of guidelines. Often the basis is at least a classic black tea which is combined with only a few ingredients, often consisting of a citrus fruit and a few sweet floral elements.  Our Monk's Tea is a fine blend of black and green tea supplemented with bergamot (citrus), vanilla (sweet) and tea blossoms (floral). The tea has a nice layered character and the sweet / acidic ratio is completely in balance. The bergamot is in no way predominant by the pleasant vanilla notes which in turn seem less heavy due to the floral influence of the blossom.  Monk's is a tea that does not quickly saturate your taste. It is a tea that you can actually enjoy throughout the day. For those who find an English Breakfast or Afternoon tea a bit too heavy, this is certainly a great alternative!  #teablend #thee #teareview #monkstea #monksblend #monks #blackteablend #blacktea #teaspoon #vintageteacup #ilovetea #tealovers #tealoversofinstagram #insteagram #teaphotography  #foodphotography #blendingtea #teashop #teatasting #teashopamsterdam #amsterdam #amsterdamfoodguide #amsterdamfoodies #theedrinken #theezetten #iamsterdam #theewinkelamsterdam #hetkleinstehuis #smallesthouse #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam
  • Milky Oolong ...   In my Insta-stories I have stated my love for this special tea many times. However, I have never devoted a post to it. It’s about time! If there is one tea that should not be missing in the posts of a dedicated tea lover, it is Milky Oolong ...  What makes Milky Oolong so special you might ask. Where do I start ...  The scent is milky and creamy but as far as I am concerned it can also be described as dreamy. Extraordinarily mild in taste with a sweet and floral vibe, characterized by subtle milky taste notes and a hint of caramel. Maybe you get a little bit of what I mean by dreamy now?  Oolongs originate in both Taiwan and the Fujian province of China. A semi-fermented tea with tightly rolled leaves characterized by milky aromas created during the production process, resulting in a unique taste.  The milky notes make it an accessible mild Oolong tea. Characteristic of Oolong tea are the rolled up tea leaves which fully unfold during the brewing of the tea, so that the taste is released well.  Milky Oolong, my dreamy creamy tea ... an absolute must for every tea enthusiast!   #tea #thee #theedrinken #teatime #tealover #ilovetea #theezetten #milkyoolong #oolong #milkoolong #oolongtea #hightea #teatasting #teainamsterdam #taiwanesetea #fujian #teahouse #teashopamsterdam #looseleaftea #lossethee #amsterdamfoodies #cravingsamsterdam #teaspecialist #hetkleinstehuis #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam #smallesthouse #familyownedbusiness #tealoversofinstagram #teaphotography #vintageceramics
  • Lemon Verbena, a fresh and powerful herbal blend blend of verbena, melissa, lemon peel, strawberry leaf, lemongrass, carrot and marigold.   This is such a beautiful blend and it’s fragrance is just delicious!   As you may be able to tell from the composition, the flavor of this herbal tea is both citrusy and fruity.  The combination of the slightly sour verbena, lemon peel and lemongrass and the sweetness of the strawberry and carrot make this infusion irresistible.   Our Lemon Verbena blend is a very suitable tea to enjoy in the evening. Since it is a herbal blend, it does not contain caffeine. In addition, verbena has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps you to get a good night’s sleep.   In short, enough reason to include the beautiful blend in your daily tea routine!   Would you like to try our Lemon Verbena? It is available online and naturally in our store as well. (Link in bio).  #herbaltea #kruidenthee #herballife #vegan #vegansofamsterdam #yoga #yogatea #meditation #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #zen #relaxingtea #eveningtea #bedtimetea #teatime #ilovetea #iloveherbaltea #tealovers #tealoversofinstagram #verbena #verveine #marigold #verbenatea #dandelions #thee #theezetten #theedrinken #theewinkelamsterdam #teashop #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam
  • Tearoom memories!  Saving you a seat for the day me meet again!  #tearoom #tearoommemories #teatime #hightea #afternoontea #smallesthouse #thesmallesthouseinamsterdam #teashop #ilovetea #tealovers #tealoversofinstagram #wanderlustamsterdam #wanderlust #thosewherethedays #teashop #thee #theewinkel #theekamer #mysecretamsterdam #teaspecialist #looseleaftea
  • Blended with love!  One of the richest teas that we blend ourselves and that we are very proud of is our house blend. Appropriately named...Het Kleinste Huis Melange (or The Smallest House blend).  A wonderful combination of, among others, cinnamon, almond, orange peel, lemongrass and rose blossom that together provide a very special taste experience.   Not only is our house blend a visually appealing tea, the flavor is fascinatingly complex and layered. Both sweet-fruity and spicy without one of the two becoming overwhelming.  We have selected a white tea as the basis for this unique blend. Due to the mild fresh taste, white tea is able to highlight other ingredients without pushing them to the background. As a result, all the selected spices, herbs, fruits and flowers are clearly present in the taste palette.   Would you also like to enjoy our house blend? It is available in our store and online! (Link in bio)  #looseleaftea #blendingtea #blendedwithlove #whitetea #teablending #tea #herbsandspices #cinnamontea #almond #lossethee #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #vegansofamsterdam #amsterdamvegan #relaxtea #expatsinamsterdam #tealovers #ilovetea #tealoversofinstagram #teaphotography #insteagram #teashop #teashopamsterdam #amsterdam #iamsterdam #theedrinken #theezetten #theetijd #teatime #theewinkelamsterdam
  • After our Easter egg adventure yesterday, we were left with quite some egg white and egg yolks. What could we possibly do with that?  I've always wanted to make meringues, but to be honest, I was a bit dreadful. I am far from an experienced pastry chef like my husband Niels and most of my baked goods end up in the trash can. But since my daughters put their trust in me (come on mom, you can do it) I started looking for a simple recipe. I came across a recipe for French meringues on Since I have a huge soft spot for everything related to France and the recipe was short and to the point, I decided to go with it.  And after a hesitant start (how does the food processor work again) I got hope for a happy ending when the egg whites were actually beaten stiff! I even decided to add a drop of vanilla aroma. It was a bit of a struggle to get the blobs of egg white properly on the baking paper but finally there were actually 10 French meringues in the making in the oven.  After two hours in the oven and another 2 hours to cool, our meringues were ready!  And we are very pleased with the result! They're probably far from perfect but for a first try, I would say not bad at all! And they taste great! Vanilla with a little caramel. Nice and crispy and yet very smooth. Mission accomplished!  Would you also like to try?  The super simple recipe for these French meringues comes from  It goes like this: Ingredients: - 3 egg whites - pinch of salt - 100 gr fine sugar - 90 g icing sugar  Preheat the oven to 100 ° C and line a baking tray with baking paper.  Make sure that the bowl and whisk are free from grease and that there is no trace of egg yolk in the egg whites. Put the egg whites with the salt in a bowl and beat. Gradually add the fine sugar and beat until the egg white is stiff and the sugar has dissolved. Finally, fold the icing sugar through the meringue.  Using a spoon, shape the meringues on the baking tray and let it dry in the oven for about 2 hours. Let them cool down for another two in the oven and... voila! Your French meringues are ready!   Bon appetit!   #meringues #frenchmeringues #rutgerbakt @rutgerbakt